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Book Bags

Printed book bags are a very popular choice for infant and primary schools. They look great with your school logo on them and most, like the Sol Oxford book bag,  will have a reflective stripe on them to improve safety on the walk to and from school.

EG Clothing stock and supply a range of Children's Book Bags, all as part of the schoolwear and kids department of EG Clothing. All children's book bags supplied by EG Clothing are always in stock and are available with short delivery times. Why not personalise your book bag, by adding embroidery or printing call our Loughborough office on 01509 813888 for all your embroidered and printed book bag requirements. Many schools and children’s groups appreciate that a backpack might be too cumbersome for young children. An alternative is the primary school equivalent of a portfolio – the book bag. From the earliest age children are encouraged to take books home to read and quite often there are important newsletters or permission slips or spelling sheets that also need to go home and be seen by parents and carers. Book bags for kids are such a simple devices that it would be hard to miss any paperwork contained therein whereas other types of carrier with pocket and pouches can provide a hiding place for scrunched up, folded pieces of paper. Using a book bag encourages the child to slip in sheets alongside their nightly reading material so that communication between school and home isn’t compromised by untidiness or the spills from a lunchbox or drinks bottle that might be carried in a different type of bag. Also, as many schools have children place their lunch boxes in cages for the canteen they can easily be carried separately along with the lightweight book bag that can either be used with an integral grip handle or attachable shoulder strap. With different colours available and integral name labels a book bag can be easily identified and readily collected at the end of the day.

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