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"How EG Clothing Transformed Our Expo Experience with High-Impact Branded Apparel"

"How EG Clothing Transformed Our Expo Experience with High-Impact Branded Apparel"

Before discovering EG Clothing's bespoke branded clothing service, what specific problem or challenge did you face? 

I wanted to attend an expo not as an exhibitor, but as someone blending in with the crowd while still getting noticed. I needed to have meaningful conversations with people who didn’t know me, so having clear messaging on my clothing was crucial. People told me they understood what I could offer before even speaking with me because they read it on my shirt. It was like walking around with a hot lead generator.

What obstacles would have prevented you from buying this product or service?

As a small business, getting it right the first time is vital because there’s no undo button. I didn’t know the difference between T-shirt A and T-shirt B, and this lack of knowledge slowed my decision-making. Confidence in my choice was essential, and I needed advice to make sure I was making the right decision.

How did our custom clothing solution address that problem for your business?

What I needed was consultancy, and that’s exactly what EG Clothing provided. They gave me advice, guidance, and shared what people liked and why certain items were high quality. I realized the importance of quality over price. Their newsletter emails were also very helpful, emphasizing the idea of wearing our brand with pride and ensuring our real-life presence matched our digital one.

Can you describe a moment when you realized the positive impact our branded clothing had on your company?

At an exhibition in Barcelona, while queuing for coffee, someone tapped me on the shoulder and asked if I could help automate their ClickUp. That person ended up being from what would become our fourth largest client, a big business based in Romania. The clothing was not only clear and eye-catching but also of superior quality compared to what others were handing out.

What particular feature or aspect of our service surprised you the most?

The speed of service was impressive.

How has our bespoke clothing affected your team's morale or customers' perception?

We've had film crews in our office documenting our work with young employees, and everyone proudly wore their hoodies. It created a strong sense of unity and pride within the team. It’s an unspoken part of our culture now, making everyone feel more connected.

If you were to recommend our service to another business owner, what would you say?

If you want it done right the first time and you value quality service, go to EG Clothing.

What measurable results have you seen since implementing our branded clothing solution?

The return on investment has been immense. Just from two large events, the ROI from people approaching me knowing what I could do for them is easily over a hundred times.

How does our service compare to other branded clothing options you tried in the past?

I don’t have much experience with other services, but my wife once ordered something expensive that turned out to be terrible. With EG Clothing, I had confidence in their recommendations and knowing that they guaranteed their product would have shortened my purchase time significantly.

Can you share a specific story about how our branded clothing has benefited your business?

Our branded clothing makes conversations at industry events shorter, more to the point, and more purposeful. It definitely gives a sense of confidence, knowing our brand is represented well through high-quality clothing

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